Security Cameras & CCTV Installation Adelaide

In Adelaide we provide High-Quality Security cameras & CCTV installations to provide added security for your home or business. We install quality Wired or Wireless Camera Systems, in addition to providing you with security camera surveillance system, we can program your phone for remote viewing. Check-In anytime or when you receive notifications which may happen. We provide a high level of workmanship to ensure your new CCTV home security system is practical, easy to use and a deterrent for potential break-ins. We have experience in installing both wireless security cameras & wired cameras.

We provide motorised PTZ (pan tilt zoom) CCTV cameras for business security, no matter what your requirements, you can rest assured that we can design professional security camera systems to suit any number of requirements. All of our CCTV systems can be accessed remotely from your smartphone, tablet or desktop, anywhere in the world. Allowing you to “check-in” your Home or Business.

All of our security camera systems are set to record with the detection of motion, so not to waste space on your hard drive. This also speeds up searching time for important video information. There’s minimal possibility of overwriting crucial information because you just ran out of space. We typically use a minimum of 4k cameras for both residential and commercial jobs. The 4k CCTV cameras come as bundle, may include wireless cameras. The monitor itself is not part of any bundle and will have to be a separate purchase. Alternatively we can connect the Security System to you main Television set. Our CCTV camera systems are vandal-resistant, with UV resistant bodies. They won’t fade or scratch easily. You can rest assured that when we install quality CCTV home security systems in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs.

Contact us today, for more information about security camera installation & CCTV home security. At Sam The TV Man we ensure that our customer service is top-notch and we provide everything you need!