Antenna Installations Adelaide

The 'pre-wiring' term refers to the cabling and wiring installation, during a new home's construction. It includes the AC or (240volts) electrical wiring, as well as the low voltage, various home systems cabling. Until recently, the majority of homes were wired with little more than the AC electrical powerlines, phone lines, and TV cables. Times have changed. Here at SAM THE TV MAN, we routinely install low voltage communication cabling for a wide range of smart home systems. This also includes DIGITAL Antenna and Signal Distribution System.


If you are considering opting out of pre-wiring based on the wide availability of wireless devices today, remember that, despite industry pushes toward standardization, many wireless devices still use proprietary communication protocols, making them incompatible with other manufacturer's products. Partly for this reason, most home system products are designed with structured wiring in mind. Remember also that pre-wiring is a permanent upgrade to your home, increasing its value at sale time.
Located in one of the closets or the attic of your home, the distribution panel does two things: 1) Sources all of the service provider services including telephone, DSL, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Cable Modem and Security to this central location within the house. 2) Distributes those signals to locations throughout the house. Audio/Video/Security Camera sources from within your home can also be delivered to this central location for distribution throughout the house. Various active/passive modular units installed within the distribution panel allow for the distribution of the signal to locations throughout the house. Control devices in the distribution panels also allow home automation capabilities. An electrical power source in the distribution panel provides power to various powered devices installed in the panel.
The use of Cat5, Cat6, RG6 cables that can delivers performance you need today and in the future. Cable runs are installed from the distribution panel to each location in the house where the signal is distributed. Home runs are also installed to signal sources. i.e. security camera, motion detectors and audio/video sources. Whether you are looking at pre-wiring a new home, adding wiring to an addition or retrofitting, we have the right system for your application.
Convenient plug and play points throughout the house provide the multi-media outlets for telephone, digital audio, high-speed internet, cable TV, satellite TV, DBS, HDTV and security cameras. Home wiring done using structured wiring principles and terminated with multi-media outlets in each room provide the necessary infrastructure for deploying current and future home technology. Advantages of Structured Wiring Your home - now - and in the future Imagine storing your entire music collection on a home computer and accessing it anywhere in your home. Imagine hanging a Flat-screen TV almost anywhere in the house. Imagine being able to see your child in his/her crib from a computer in your home or at work. Technology moves fast and provides solutions in ways that were previously unthinkable or impossible. Although it is very hard to completely future-proof your home, a wired home gets you future-ready.
It is great to find everything you need for a complete Home Theatre Installation at a one stop shop. Here at SAM THE TV MAN as well as Home Theatre Installations we provide all pre-wiring needs. With 20+ years experience we have qualifications and the know how to successfully pre-wire through out your home before Gyprock walls are installed. If the walls are already done then we will conceal the cables where possible.