Tips for Installation

TV and Home Theatre

Sam the TV Man provides a wide range of uesful tips for you to think about as you build your home or office. Thinking about your entertainment needs (TV installations, Plasma Installations, LCD installations, Home Theatre Installations and more) is a very important process, so Sam provides some tips for you to think over.
SAM THE TV MAN provides some useful tips to consider when PRE-WIRING during the building of your house or when purchasing Electronic equipment. Technology has moved at an extremely fast pace, determining what is right for you can be a hard task. On one hand there's the kids on the other there's your wallet, what to do?. You need help and here is where SAM THE TV MAN comes in. With our experience and retail partners we can lead you in right direction.

Pre-Installation Tips

Consider the electronic equipment that each room will have (TV, Home Theatre, Play Station, telephone) etc....
Consider if there will be any wall mounting needed, with some pieces of equipment such as Plasma speakers. Whether the TV will be recessed in the wall.
Consider pre-wiring for household computer network. It is a good idea to centralise computer systems including printer and other peripherals, decide where this will be located.
Prepare a list of locations where telephone service will be. Consider how many lines are required for each location. With FOXTEL, computers, faxes and satellite TV systems requiring lines, there is an ever increasing demand for multiple phone numbers in the home.
Consider cable TV pre-wiring if required. Where will the Television be located, now or in the future. Plan where to have the antenna installed. The connections and wall sockets will also need to be pre-wired.
Decide whether you need extra electrical power outlets or telephone points in other rooms or areas around your home.
Finally write down the list of your ideas and needs and present this to SAM THE TV MAN and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.