Security Camera FAQ

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1How much does it cost to install a security camera with Sam The TV Man?
This can depend on the type of property you have, how many cameras will be required and specifically what features may be required as part of your security system. We supply Security Cameras for both Commercial and Residential properties and each customer may have different views and needs. These are important details that will be discussed to determine the system that suits your security needs.
2What are the best security cameras for home?
For your home, we generally would recommend a minimum 3-6k cameras, with motion detection and infra red will provide great quality images. Day and night vision is a must in today’s security needs. Most current systems today can notify you if anyone is within the vicinity of the cameras, if someone tries to interfere with the system as well as motion notifications and scheduled recording.
3Wired or Wireless security cameras?
We install both wired and wireless cameras, these can be wirelessly connected to internet router, or hardwired back to the security DVR or NVR recording device which can be accessed through your local network and via the appropriate app. Wireless cameras also require power points to be installed at each camera location. Battery backup system is optional but we highly recommend it, to ensure in the event of a power outage the cameras would continue to record for 24-48 hours.
4How many cameras do you need for home security?
This can vary greatly from property to property, but a common number of cameras for the average house would be 4-6. You generally want to see all major access points to your property, plus any other points of interest. This will vary greatly from property to property so it’s always best to go over it from scratch and decide what's important. We will often provide valuable information you may not have considered when looking at your security system as we have gained experience from providing this service to a wide variety of people.
5How many days can a CCTV system record?
With the constant improvements in technology the size of HDD has increased to a large degree. This means recording time could effectively go into months, depending how many motion activated recordings are on recorded throughout the day. All the cameras will record at the same time if motion is detected the size of the hard drive you have, the number of cameras, and the recording frequency. If you are recording full time on the system it will use a lot more hard drive space than if you are recording only when motion is detected, motion detection recording will allow a lot more space to be saved giving you long periods on your hard drive. This will also benefit you should you wish to go back through the footage as you will only have motion recorded and will not have to sit and watch through the whole day to see exactly what time an event occurred. We can work out exactly how long your system will have recorded once we know how many cameras you want, plus the recording frequency. We can allow for this and increase your storage capacity to suit your requirements.
6Is it critical to add a Security System UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
We will highly recommend the use of an uninterrupted power supply. This will provide continuous power to your CCTV system and the Internet, in the event of a power failure. Not only this will provide you with power to the security System, but the UPS will also protect your investment from any repeated power failures. Constant power failures may cause damage to your hard drive (storage device) which could corrupt your footage, or even render the HDD useless.
7Can I see the cameras REMOTELY whilst not home?
YES, Remote access for you and your family members is a standard practice in today’s CCTV Security System Installations. This will allow you to login at any time and see what's happening around your home or business. You can also record footage locally to your phone, take photos of anything you might see and also control your PTZ cameras from your phone. This means if the device allows it, you can move, rotate and/or zoom the cameras to focus on something in particular.